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Bishara on Syria: “The people are the ones who turned out to be strong!”

The above is a selection from Azmi Bishara’s appearance on the May 20 episode of Al Jazeera’s “Fil-‘Umq” (In Depth), titled either “Challenges Facing the Syrian Revolution” or “The Syrian Revolution at a Crossroads.” Bishara is one of the Arab world’s … Continue reading

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King Bashar

Here’s something I wrote earlier today. Forgive me if it’s a little too inside. The Gause-Yom piece I discuss, by the way, comes highly recommended. (Also, I forgot to post my Foreign Policy article earlier, so please read that if you … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Arabic: Reporter Ahmed Zeidan Tours ‘Ateiba with Jabhat al-Nusra

In the above report, originally aired March 27 on Al Jazeera Arabic, we can see an example of the mainstreaming of Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) in regional media. The report is titled (in Arabic) “Battles Between the Regime and Free Syrian … Continue reading

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Moaz al-Khatib Speech at the Arab Summit: March 26, 2013

Greetings (al-salam alaikum) to you from a brave people, a quarter of whom have become homeless; and 200,000 of whose sons have been put in prisons; and who have paid a price for their freedom close to 100,000 martyrs; and … Continue reading

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“Al-Bernameg”: Amr Hamzawy on Democratic Institutions

In this translated clip – taken from the March 8 episode of “Bernameg al-Bernameg” – we see Egyptian political scientist cum politician Amr Hamzawy pretty effectively sum up the liberal critique of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led process of institution-building. Hamzawy’s point is … Continue reading

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The Charter of the Syrian Islamic Front

Below is a translation of the charter of the Syrian Islamic Front, a coalition of Islamist brigades working to topple the Assad regime. (Original document here, posted January 21.) Most immediately evident is that the Front is essentially fighting a … Continue reading

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Dodge Middle East: “Are You Dodge?”

They keep showing this ad while I’m watching episodes of 04 online. I guess it grew on me? (Was this an English-language ad?  It must’ve been.)

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