“Just a second, Mister President.”: Morsi look-alike at Alexandria demonstration

This really has no broader significance. I was just entertained.

President Morsi look-alike on Nahda stage

From the “Sada al-Balad” writeup:

Video: “Sada al-Balad” has exclusive meeting with President Morsi look-alike on Nahda stage

On the main stage, there could be found a look-alike of President Muhammad Morsi . The man, named Ramadan and hailing from Sohag governorate, began to imitate President Muhammad Morsi. In response, those present chanted, “We love you, Mr. President.”

Ramadan directed a message to the president, telling him, “Stand fast, Mr. President, God is with you.”  He asked the president to implement shari’a. He also said that he loves President Muhammad Morsi because he is devout and prays the fajr (dawn) prayer in the mosque.

This is what years of Arabic study have been building up to: translating part of this video.

(Also, the ambient noise /sound quality made it difficult to hear parts of this, so I definitely missed a few things. HT: Sarah Carr.)

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