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VICE: “Syria’s Newest Rebel Army Has Its Sights on the Islamic State”

New from me on VICE: Meet the New Syrian Army, a force of eastern Syrian rebels who want to liberate their home province of Deir al-Zour from ISIS and have U.S.-issued weaponry and international Coalition air strikes on their side. … Continue reading

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Top Jabhat al-Nusrah shar’i attacks Jeish al-Islam, highlights broader jihadist anxieties

Below we see Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusrah’s top shari’ah official Sami al-Oreidi issue an unusually direct attack on top leadership in Jeish al-Islam, the most powerful rebel faction in Damascus’s East Ghouta suburbs. Al-Oreidi’s tweets (translated below) make clear … Continue reading

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Catching Up: (Most of) 2015

Woof, I really let this blog slide. Anyway, I plan to update this more regularly as I continue to publish, if only to ensure that there’s a single clearinghouse for everything I’ve written. (You know, in case people are interested.) Pieces … Continue reading

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