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VICE News: “Faced With A Russian Onslaught, Syrian Rebels Are Calling for Help From All Muslims”

New from me on VICE News: Russian and Iranian intervention has turned the military balance in Syria’s civil war, and rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime are struggling to cope. Some rebels have decided they urgently need more men – Syrian … Continue reading

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War on the Rocks: “A Cause for All Turks: Turkey and Syria’s Turkmen Rebels”

New from me and S.G. Grimaldi on War on the Rocks: The plight of Syria’s Turkmen minority has rallied groups across Turkey’s political spectrum, from pan-Islamists to hard-right Turkish nationalists. This mobilization is getting needed support to civilians inside Syria … Continue reading

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World Politics Review: “Why Diplomatic Talks to End Syria’s Civil War Will Fail—Again”

New from me on World Politics Review: Everyone is currently very excited about negotiations between Syria’s regime and opposition to resolve the country’s brutal war. But maybe don’t be? Because talks aren’t going to work, come on.

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Ahrar al-Sham media activist: “I won’t claim that al-Fou’ah and Kafarya are entirely besieged.”

Below is something I thought might be pertinent amid the coverage of Madaya, the Damascus countryside town that has recently been subjected to a crushing siege by the regime and Hizbullah. I’ve translated a response from Ahrar al-Sham media activist … Continue reading

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VICE News: “How Assad Is Using Sieges and Hunger to Grab More of the ‘Useful Syria'”

New from me on VICE News: As the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad wages an offensive with Russia’s backing on rebels across the country, behind the front lines it has been consolidating its hold in Syria’s west.This is the part … Continue reading

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