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War on the Rocks: “Russia Is in Charge in Syria: How Moscow Took Control of the Battlefield and Negotiating Table”

New from me at War on the Rocks: Russia has leveraged its September 2015 military intervention on behalf of the Assad regime to establish itself as the central military actor in Syria’s war. Russia has, in turn, used its military … Continue reading

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The Daily Beast: “The Home of Syria’s Only Real Rebels”

New from me on The Daily Beast: Syria’s northwest Idlib province is a tense, sometimes scary place, pulled between Islamist and jihadist factions vying for control but too intertangled to really fight each other. Now Idlib – for better or … Continue reading

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RFE/RL’s “Under the Black Flag” Blog: “Al-Qaeda Speaks The Language Of Syrian Sectarianism”

New from me on RFE/RL’s “Under the Black Flag” blog: Jabhat al-Nusrah’s top religious official makes an appeal for jihad in Syrian terms – and it turns out that when al-Qaeda wants to tap into an indigenously Syrian sentiment to … Continue reading

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On Ahrar al-Sham and Elitism

A follow-on note on my War on the Rocks piece today about Ahrar al-Sham deputy leader Ali al-Omar’s recent lecture, and what it means for how Ahrar presents and understands itself:

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War on the Rocks: “How Ahrar al-Sham Has Come to Define the Kaleidoscope of the Syrian Civil War”

New from me on War on the Rocks: It’s indicative of the state of the Syrian war that “What exactly is Ahrar al-Sham?” has become a question of international political and diplomatic importance. Now opposition faction and Islamist movement Ahrar … Continue reading

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