Non-Resident Fellow, The Century Foundation.

Writer, former-ish student of Arabic.

Jamajem means skulls, FYI. Got the name from some English students of mine in Syria.  Sort of figured I’d never get anything cooler, so I might as well run with it.

The background picture’s the view from my Jeremana balcony.

Follow me on Twitter at @AbuJamajem.

Email: samuel.heller.syria[at]gmail.com

Century Foundation bio: https://tcf.org/experts/sam-heller/


PGP key: https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x36D0FAB32C25ACAC

PGP fingerprint: 8585 DF8A 594F B716 97F0  CB06 36D0 FAB3 2C25 AC

OTR Chat

OTR account: samuel.c.heller@dukgo.com

OTR fingerprint: 3B9CCC25 B99293AD 9AC6B49C B82B45F5 3A7519E1


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