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Ahrar al-Sham media activist: “I won’t claim that al-Fou’ah and Kafarya are entirely besieged.”

Below is something I thought might be pertinent amid the coverage of Madaya, the Damascus countryside town that has recently been subjected to a crushing siege by the regime and Hizbullah. I’ve translated a response from Ahrar al-Sham media activist … Continue reading

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Jabhat al-Nusrah’s Abu Muhammad al-Jolani: “Of course we won’t be bound by [Riyadh].”

Below are some notes on Jabhat al-Nusrah chief Abu Muhammad al-Jolani’s recent “press conference,” which aired on December 12. In the conference, al-Jolani entertained questions from Mousa al-Omar of al-Ghad al-Arabi, Adham Abul-Husam of Al Jazeera, Muhammad al-Feisal of Orient … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Two Jihadology Pieces and Middle East Week

Apologies, super-behind in updating this blog! (Also, following me on Twitter is a much better way to stay up-to-date on anything I’m writing.) Two recent Jihadology guest pieces: “Recriminations on Social Media Shed Light on Jabhat al-Nusrah’s Inner Workings“: Ex-Nusrah shari’ah official Sultan … Continue reading

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